Brianne Wood Asher | Photographer | Charleston, SC | Altman Family Portrait
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25 May Altman Family Portrait

Family is such a gift! Kris and I work together, and he kindly asked if I would take a family portrait of him and his wife with their one-year old daughter in honor of her first birthday. We spent a beautiful afternoon at Hampton Park underneath an old oak tree, capturing what I hope are wonderful memories that will mark a milestone in each of their lives. There was so much playfulness and spirit among this photogenic family, and I feel lucky to have photographed them! Check out some of my favorites from our shoot below.

216_Altman_Family_019-Web 216_Altman_Family_005-Web 216_Altman_Family_173-Web216_Altman_Family_046-Web  216_Altman_Family_030-Web216_Altman_Family_123-Web 216_Altman_Family_103-Web216_Altman_Family_061-Web 216_Altman_Family_090-Web216_Altman_Family_168-Web216_Altman_Family_461-Web216_Altman_Family_358-Web216_Altman_Family_537-Web 216_Altman_Family_501-Web 216_Altman_Family_484-Web 216_Altman_Family_477-Web  216_Altman_Family_432-Web 216_Altman_Family_396-Web 216_Altman_Family_381-Web  216_Altman_Family_347-Web 216_Altman_Family_238-Web216_Altman_Family_294-Web216_Altman_Family_209-Web 216_Altman_Family_193-Web

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