Brianne Wood Asher | Photographer | Charleston, SC | Clemson
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06 Jun Clemson

Loyalty is a big deal down in the south, where college football reigns king. Current national champions, Clemson University and the famed Tigers bring out the school spirit in a rural part of the state. The town of Clemson is pretty small, but pretty bold – orange and purple are around every corner, and while I was there graduates were taking up every corner of the campus throwing their caps in the air. I had never been here before, but I certainly got a crash course on a recent trip for work to visit a new hotel, The Abernathy, set to open just a block from Death Valley (also known as the Clemson Stadium). I thoroughly enjoyed my time spend exploring the South Carolina Botanical Gardens, photographing Tillman Hall, stopping for lunch at Pot Belly Deli, and roaming the gorgeous countryside. See what I captured on my trip below!

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